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The Outlander

The Outlander is a bold new iteration of an ancient concept.

From the dawn of time, humans have recognized the need to carry gear and supplies necessary for their survival.

Even when beasts of burden were not available, this need usually involved more gear than they could carry on their back efficiently. Some invented the wheel and cart. Some learned that even dragging the gear was a far more energy economic method of transporting it than packing.

The pre-European peoples of North America used wooden poles arranged as skids to drag larger loads efficiently. This system was called a "travois" by the French trappers who were some of the first explorers to see them.

Hope you don't mind, but we've taken the liberty of adding a few upgrades.

A "stay and hold" or "heavy sustainment" pack usually tips the scale at around 100 lbs. So does a good harvest of moose meat. The Outlander provides orders of magnitude better efficiency at transporting even greater load-out weight, averaged over a given stretch of distance, than carrying it on your back.

When every other means of transporting your gear has either failed or isn't available, you are the "beast of burden". Make it easier on yourself!


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